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i'm going to go to. a number of people. you will. lead in the. investigation. also. various public figures of. the mainstream.
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just off. the news team here working hard to round up your top stories. some three thousand. in the german city of leaving a number of people injured. by the arrest of an iraqi and a syrian following the stopping of a man on sunday protesters were holding objects pushing around the police. was. was the city where the violent unrest has been taken place has
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a population of two hundred fifty thousand people and that further demonstrations are expected later on tuesday peter all of the reports it was here in front of the iconic heads of karl marx in the eastern german city of kim that's that foul zones of right wing and left wing german demonstrators came out to show their own happiness with the current situation here in the country it all started in all had its root in the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old german man in the early hours of sunday morning a twenty two year old iraqi man a twenty three year old syrian man are in detention over not slaying out the moments and it has spurred emotions in this part of germany and across the country as well i. i was behind me just near to
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where the head of col marks was where those demonstrations were staking placed the center point of those demonstrations it's come to light vigil that's continuing through the night into tuesday morning now this is the spot where the thirty five year old was stabbed to death the large crowds of monday evening showed we should expect more people to come out here on tuesday. night political analyst iran iraq first says the police are simply overwhelmed in their duties. well we can see that the tensions grow higher and higher in respect to the migration issues and the related security issues and the frustration among certain parts of the population grows as it seemingly is not possible with the existing security system also the judicial system to probably take care of the crowing challenges then
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it becomes a real threat that citizens who are already really frustrated and oppressive take to the streets and. try to punish. people who look as if they were refugees or migrants and attack them of course this would be a normal process that the situation deteriorates in that direction that. protesters also become violent in the streets they take security in their own hands and this is of course not a good solution for democracy and for. a law based state. hopes of a fresh lead in the trump russia collusion probe have been dashed that's after the attorney for the u.s. president's former lawyer backpedaled on his earlier claims he now says his client
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has no proof of any illicit connections his kaleb often in new york. the attorney representing trump's lawyer michael cohen has been going around the mainstream media indicating that he's getting ready to release a bombshell about trump russia collusion now the press has been salivating like a hungry hound anxious to get their hands on the smoking gun the trump russia probe has been waiting for i can tell you that. mr cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel all that he knows davis isn't just speaking in generalities he said he had information about the d.n.c. being hacked he also said he had information about the now infamous meeting between donald trump jr and two russian nationals supposedly about digging up information about hillary clinton now he says he's willing to share this information with the
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special counselor except now he's backtracking he says it's all a big misspeak i should have been more clear including with you that i could not independently confirm what happened i regret my ira now the attorney for michael cohen isn't just retracting his own words he seems to be throwing cold water on something that c.n.n. treated like a breaking news explosion sources with knowledge tell myself and call that michael cohen claims then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june twenty sixth meeting in trump tower crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel robert mohler the reporting of the story got mixed up so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the trump tower meeting with the russians beforehand or you know. c.n.n. stands by its report why let the truth get in the way of a good story but for donald trump who has been screaming the f. word for months that word is fake by the way this fits his narrative perfectly
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michael cohen turn to. clarified the record saying his client does not know if president trump knew about the trump tower meeting out of which came nothing the ensor is that i did not know about the meeting just another phony story by the fake news media so why is this such a big deal well if this story had panned out it would have meant that finally bob muller had some significant evidence it's been over a year and a half since the special counsel has been sent out to investigate issues related to trump and russia collusion so far he has uncovered some foul play from some former top associates but nothing related to russia it looks like michael collins lawyer had everyone convinced that finally there would be some real evidence surfacing but alas it looks like we got faked out again still no evidence back to square one but it looks like the investigation has no sign of stopping. r.t. new york. a us presidential candidate i know ward winning
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a war correspondent one of trump's former advisers a celebrated philosopher the u.k. opposition leader and a rock star may appear not to have much in common but according to one bloke they are old dept of assad ism you go down off explains. labeling people as in fashion has been for the past couple of years in fact populist mainstream deplorable blip or when it comes to syria and a scientist like to say this to but it also supports the syrian president at least that seems to be the logic behind an index of names recently claude together i chose primarily this term rather than the narrower term pro assad because some of the public figures in this list explicitly denied being pro assad but still persistently repeat coraline's of regime propaganda narratives steve ballmer and glenn greenwald boris johnson norm chomsky let's say the chances of coming across
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any other list banding these people together are slim you published an article full of lies because you're too lazy and or malicious to care that you're doing it i never defended the assad regime in my life this is astonishing how many useful directory of people defending this sudra sheen what an absolute joke in fact the author was quite meticulous coming up with a ten point quote unquote scale of a side ism and having read through those i figured that maybe i should offer my umbrella system in completing this list as by no means does it look finished take this point implying the west has somehow supported al nusra or isis i think we're back in people we have no idea who they are the rebels we call of the rebels the patriotic rebels we have no idea lot of people think you know that there is another benchmark assuming that for minorities assad and islam it cutthroat are the same thing the former us vice president is among those who doesn't believe in
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a post assad thomas jefferson. there's a thomas jefferson hardly. rock madison. serious there was no. middle. but this is small caliber really so five added what only two people that brings it up to just one hundred fifty three names on the index how about expanding it with the whole staff of the u.s. state department they denied entry to the leader of the white helmets over security concerns and after all being mean to them is a capital offense to any individual in any group. suspected of. ties or relations with extremist groups or was that we had believed to be a security threat to united states we would act accordingly but as for those who are already on the list we've interviewed a couple of them document is this ridiculous in many ways but it's also deeply
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worrying and concerning it is part of a witch hunt against people who don't accept the government line the military intervention in the middle east supporters based on the facts whatsoever. really. takes no account whatsoever of my actual views on. what we're looking at here just what this blacklist is something published by someone who we had never heard of before totally obscure figure this is just like comical level of research and it's being promoted by the same people who have been not only promoting western intervention in syria but who have been dedicated for the past two years to attacking and smearing anyone who gets in their way the author of the list was a bit of a nobody before giving man birth to his catalogue but as its popularity swells let
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the public shaming commence. with elections looming in sweden far right support is gaining momentum that's amid a spate of incidents in swedish cities of gangs setting cars on fire almost two thousand cars have been torched across the country since january. for the record reached this month when over a hundred cars were banned all vandalized insufferable hours. for the most of the custom the question has to be asked of those people if there's no one to hack who are you doing to figure out how do you think you are born if you destroyed the whole area for the neighbors for the children on their way to preschool you have to see burnt out cars that were going to be hard response from society any other solution some locals have dubbed the troubled areas no go zones
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though the official line is that they are vulnerable areas arteries murf an ocean of as it had one such district with a local journalist. or. was. dumped into. the hollowness well of this noble source where we're going. right now we're driving to the southern part of stockholm the swedish capital to one of the areas called by police as found the rebel area or especially vulnerable area or risk area how the arab referred to it but in the media very often they call these neighborhoods right now around sixty one of them officially listed by police as no go so and he with me is a swedish journalist chang greek thank you so much for being my knight. here comes
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on in sweden seriously of course you can go dark. you will have problems if you go to with the camera or with your police. for years swedish vulnerable areas have been grabbing headlines overseas in car burnings little. it's nearly doubled every ten years why do they turn the cards i think it's like to show police they're in control of the area not the police. lots of people are angry and all because you know if you could walk if you have a parking lot with what the cost of any put one coral fire of course it will spread to the next door a next. week at least a common thing that people leave those areas to. make some more money if they move away immediately definitely you don't want your kids to go into school here for other things. that sparked
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a discussion is it true or not if it's. just some politician under say you give up for example a social democrat. he called it no it's a go go so you know so you were. hollered i used to live there. and he said with the police never got all the way out of course. after the police car so they had to call for what you call the. truck to get the way the police got here will start to prove it's a go go so known for high criminality rate you know he's had also a reputation for drug trade. terrorists place where there's a lot of drugs. people love. to go out there are. people standing here and ask for one of them in line even if you're blind you will see what they are dealing drugs it's not like they are hiding it. from the people
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who have also. i mean violent that we. have to. know do not believe they know. to give you money no money ok but most of that we should ban you may know. but what we've seen across sweden's mannerable evenings looked quite tense just like the country's prime minister has described although the authorities never agreed. tend to blame the massive number any goings on the situation. people think that it's related to these details of fifteen immigration crisis but this is because of immigration we are twenty years like a lot of these people are criminals second generation immigrants the parents if you want to be a bit from arctic you could say that the worst is still ahead of us. we spoke to our social scientist he says a changing political environment and
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a tough economic situation a complicating issues for immigrants understand that look at how well we've got it because he discovered what we have where he said poverty not allowing. my grounds to get into the labor market so it's not that's that's a big brawl and here we are. in there we cannot wait to their political. party for standing a story. from being social democrats and getting into very very. writes new york a not for political. situation so all sorts of course it got all to. your program continues in just a myth. i've
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been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars and. more than ten dollars crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth to the old rich eight point six percent market so thirty percent. some with four hundred to five hundred per circuit first and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only.
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joining us here twenty past in moscow now ridiculous disinfo mission that's what the u.s. led coalition forces in syria have branded a report on our website dot com that article on a syrian refugee was however simply quoting the russian foreign ministry as explains how the coalition's doubts raise questions. colonel sean ryan spokesman for operation inherent resolve the u.s. led coalition against myself said that we were pushing quote ridiculous information after reading one of the articles on syria to be distracted by ridiculous misinformation from r.t.
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the coalition is focused on defeat isis mission and we continue to work with well for us to secure the outcome for region in southern syria the article in question was an op ed but a quote from the russian ministry of foreign affairs who asserted that i still had infiltrated the group on refugee camp in syria and that the us government was fully aware of it but which claimed as the coalition purport to be misinformation about the presence of feisal in the camp or that the u.s. was aware of it the rope on refugee camp is located in the southwestern cold front region in syria in an area controlled by the international coalition it's one of the largest refugee camps in syria hosting tens of thousands of refugees and islamic state infiltration is well documented the last few and security council reports raise fears over a potential case of plots from inside the camp that densely populated ruled by on camp in southern syrian arab republic contains some eighty thousand internally
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displaced persons including families of eisel fighters a situation which member states fear might generate new eisel cells and route one camp has been hit by at least four terrorist attacks over the past two years the islamic state has claimed three of them in fact the eisel threat once prompted the jordanian government to close its cord near the camp and concern over possible infiltration is one of the reasons that jordan has cited for keeping its borders close to syrian refugees we. know that there are some people or isis people in the camp. they. have been for them. they're trying to control and talk create some sims inside the kingdom when n.b.c.'s. sought to film the camp for a story they were told it would be too dangerous because of the presence of islamic state fighters. or at least it's meant to be but the jordanian military pilots who took us in wouldn't fly over it and the isis fighters these people fled
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from are inside it so the presence of ice on the camp hasn't been a secret washington stated goal in syria is the defeat of islamic state terrorists so it's hard to believe that their presence in an area controlled by the international coalition would go undetected if the u.s. military isn't aware of the issue or team is more than ready to provide open source information our team has reached out to operation inherent resolve to find out what part of the article was misinformation but we've yet to hear from them samir khan r t washington d.c. . u.n. investigators say top military officials in me and i should be prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity directed towards in job muslims they are a minority group who numbered around one million at the start of twenty seventeen in the southeast asian country who are not viewed as citizens the patterns of gross human rights violations and serious violations of international humanitarian law
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that is found amount to the greatest crimes under international law that's we found you would rape gang rape sexual slavery forced nudity and mutilation you want to consider the most persecuted minority in the world and calls the situation a human rights catastrophe as the result of military offensives towards the minority at least three hundred ninety two villages have been destroyed and thousands killed by the un also stresses the cases of women being gang raped and children assaulted. the.
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chair of the u.n. fact finding mission on me in my. mind believes the atrocities are a consequence of systematic and institutionalized oppression this is a tragedy that was just waiting to happen and therefore. the fact that we've assembled. clearly shows a gradual build up. of discriminatory policies against a very specific community there you know yes and therefore. this mag have reached a high point you have been. problematic situation because so low that. it was just. it was just only time that erupts into
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this. horrific tragedy a un report also criticizes the country's de facto leader aung sang suu kyi for not using her role all moral authority to stop the atrocities she previously want to nobel peace prize and a u.s. congressional gold medal throughout the last year she's repeatedly denied any ethnic cleansing has taken place. when you use terms like ethnic cleansing which i think is a little extreme it just plays into the hands of extremists and not a fact finding mission appointed by the united nations would not help help the situation it does have created great hostility between the different communities do you ever worry that you will be remembered as. the champion of human rights the nobel laureate us who fail to stand up to ethnic cleansing in our own country no because i don't think that ethnic cleansing going on i think ethnic cleansing is
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too strong an expression to use for what's happening at the state council or. we're having a book who do more than what she has and. she was clearly. of her responsibilities and we were just a disappointment that if you don't use moral authority. to do something about this you have to stop. policies that need to be there to address our thanks for joining us your program continues about top of the hour.
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max keiser. looking forward to that little. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. as a report. this is boom boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart children thank you for joining us today is a visit a day there's a bevy of big international business and finance news out today we'll get to it for you including looking at the world's largest companies saudi aramco and the stalled initial public offering the i.p.o.
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and we'll look at oil prices and more with david greenberg of greenberg capital plus molly barrows our legal journalist from from the national trial lawyers magazine looks at which companies are benefiting from what some call slave labor in u.s. prisons and we pump start the broadcast today with breaking news on the bilateral trade deal between the united states and mexico from the oval office of the white house u.s. president donald trump announce a proposed new united states mexico trade agreement with mexican president cheney and the n.h.l. mr trump has the mexican president on speakerphone to deal with these to be approved by the u.s. congress mr trump said we are getting rid of nafta because it was a bad deal for the united states president net nato said he hoped that now the canadians could join the price i try party deal while the two leaders seemed at odds of the inclusion of canada what was called a framework agreement between mexico and the us is seen as
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a for middle seat for we're joined by our to correspond at manila chan manila thank you for being with us you've been following this all day all day what's the latest well you know you've nailed everything there so far apart and of course where else did it start but on twitter the president's favorite outlet so the outgoing mexican president enrique pena nieto solidified that vague tweet president trying to put out this morning by joining trump on speakerphone before the press listen to what pena nieto had to say. if you're going to be we can't go to plan b. you might be good no matter. what you do to the. you know. he. would be. rather he going to marry now it sounds like nafta is effectively dead in the water but not so fast president he's
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got to get congressional approval to move forward with any sort of replacement deal as of now he's calling this the us mexico trade agreement clearly canada not yet a part of this deal not being named president trump sounding a bit hesitant to bring canada into the fold given the recent terror spat and verbal sparring he's had with canadian pm justin trudeau now chrystia freeland canada's foreign minister said in a statement that canada would only join a new deal if it were quote good for the middle class adding that canada wants to continue working toward a modernization of the existing nafta deal now on this new proposal with mexico so far trump says there will be major changes in joint manufacturing of cars he says for cars to be considered made in north america seventy five percent of the parts must be made in either the u.s. or mexico and that's up from the previous nafta deal which only require them to be sixty two and a half percent of parts made.


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